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are you
on anyways!

Appeal for our Irish spirited folks presently in South Africa

Pictured above is supremely beautiful Irish spirited Irene (of Dutch ancestry) who has been
living in squalor in a makeshift home in what is now "South Africa". It is incredible to behold
the fact that little is being done for her kind while western countries squander resources
elsewhere on the planet with little to show for it.

Whites in South Africa are being murdered with impunity and their farms stolen from them
Despite this ongoing situation, they are being turned away as immigrants by countries in
Europe and elsewhere despite their highest merit in this regard. Its time for the European
nations to come together on this and I include at the present time the land of Canada and
the USA where these folks from south africa (mainly of Dutch and British origins) so as to
make a new life for them generously possible I say and soon please!

Michael Rizzo Chessman Leader www.eurocoalition.com

See youtube posted News Service video below for some disgusting images of hateful rhetoric being stirred
against white folks by ring leaders "as it were" and a graphic description by an MP of the many instances of
insanely brutal violence being perpetrated against white folks there in the recent past it seems.