Always buy Italian
whenever possible!
Free trade within Europe's own markets including the UK!!

"Trade friendly exclusively!"
There is also great opportunity for trade  
with Latin American countries including 
Chile and Argentina especially

A Vespa is a the best brand in a Scooter for around town!



DeLonghi is the best name in all kinds
of home appliances! Dont get stuck with
anything less! grazie! Michael Rizzo

The nicest most beautiful of people!


the greatest Mr. Andrea Bocelli of Italy with  "Besame mucho"

Italian spirits Hetty and the Jazzato Band for you!






A Fiat Sports Car could bring us perfection yet! 
Michael Rizzo grew up with a Fiat in the family!


Great Maserati automobiles
It's a great way to invest in family workmanship
of truly great quality (otherwise buy
similar models brands built also in Italy
but with shared design ideas from Europe
in general - mostly German French and other
likeminded historicaly this far, well considered
and celebrated design efficianado economies!)