Hon Mr. Philip Davies makes wise comments on aid to India etc

The President of Ghana declares Western Aid unfair
to continue to expect - considering African own
"hugely rich mineral" resources which should be
available to their countries instead.


Calling for an end to all forms of third world aid pending an acceptable outcome for the eradication of poverty in Europe
and directly
related areas
of right
(for poor white South Africaans
in particular)


Mathew 6:24
No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other,
or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other

Our Prime Minister is clearly embarrassed at being asked continually to support
multicultural aid expenditures clearly run counter to the needs of our
own - and our basic sense of values in being decent folks in fact.
In fact UK Member of the European Parliament  representative Mr Sajjad Karim
(left) got himself elected into the European Parliament in order to represent mainly
South Asian concerns instead it would seem - while many in Ireland and elsewhere
of our immediate concern do without instead!  

His colleague here does the same, and insists that "all globalism demands" such as
his own be given equal standing from the EU parl president - while they pursue 
subversive agenda "in broad daylight - in fact!"

  MEP Nirj Deva has his eyes on the EU
chequebook for monies to be sent to countries like India - who have a foreign aid program of their own already developed as donor nation "in their own - right"

Justin Trudeau at pride march
Then again there's Justin Trudeau - in bed with minorities who go against the main
in competing for resource allocation priorities. In recent years he pledged fully
8Billion for native rights crusaders agenda items including "programs to restore
teaching native Indian peoples, languages that are ancient and fallen into disuse
given the benefits of English for our population in General. We are now told on
Popular Social media outlet facebook.com that the PM of Canada has given away
Canadian taxpayer funds to a project in China instead - to build roads and
bridges there. Of his mindset I say deportation to prevent such mischief should
be the order of the day. Amen (China has a huge economy with weapons
threatening the west and a massive grab of our manufacturing and export
markets. So why is this sort of thinking still allowed on our soil I ask? Its

time to call it like it is, plain enough to see, and let the chips fall where they
must I figure.
Michael Rizzo Chessman
Founder and Leader at HQ - http://britishcanada.org

Trudeau in seeming identity crisis on planet
giving rise to globalist strategies and denial of
former mainsteram cultural realities as irrelevant"
it would appear

Trudeau - seemin crisis of identficantion on globe