Computer recommendations based on experience

Compaq/HP is quality!

By the way, free programs are downloadable on the Internet to allow you to customize the start-up
 screen image and wallpaper background on netbooks running Microsoft Windows 7 starter edition

Buying a computer? Don't get took! Don't get anything but
a Compaq/HP PC!! Its a constant state of awe to see the 
quality these folks put into their stuff, over the years!
We use HP exclusively for our Computing needs in-house!  
Greatest leadership
We welcome management of all our industries
across the board by the Irish and South African
brass especially. And this certainly includes the
best leaders of Australia and the likes of Lee Iacocca.
Government Leader The Hon. Mr. De-Klerk 
from South Africa 
Rogers (a great Internet Service Provider 
nationally) once had a great deal on the Compaq 
Laptop/ISP bundle Lovely folks work there especially!
Simply the nicest folks around to deal with in our own
experience! Fibe level service too. 


Bell offers fibe service in most areas. Even allows you to connect  your Internet-capable DVD player to its modem to possibly access content on Netflix and Germany's great DW TV service etc

HP printers for beauty!                     
An HP printer is a must! You can do beautiful work with a model from the most reliable name in Printers - HP. These folks set the standard and have never sold anything but the best! And our most lovely gals work there too! They
sure do earn your business! At now reduced current prices,  its a steal!
Compaq-Hewlett Packard 
don't leave the store with anything less!
Prepare your taxes using free software and netfile submit your return on-line free of charge too. Instant assessment. (Depending on your level of income you may have to pay a fee to use the software - however most low to middle income earners dont have to pay a thing to file
as many as returns for 20 people each year) free providers include: Studio Tax Software and others

Manage your small business Accounting on computer
(click here for tips)

Support American products such as HP-Compaq!

HP Makes great fax machines too!
  Euro standards only!
Polk Audio makes these lovely little
Euro quality speakers in Latin America,
(once came bundled with selected HP
PC offerings - great for your ipod too)

Intel makes sense to us!
When purchasing electronic chips and circuit
boards, rely on American ingenuity and quality
such as Intel, the world leader in processing
technologies, based on good old American know-how!
We salute Intel for its commitment to manufacturing
capacity expansion in Ireland including a somewhat recent
$2Billion dollar plant expansion here. Its really
the best place to gain our support

Western Digital USB Hard Drives we use!
We make exclusive use of a few of these 4TB USB Hard
 Drives from Western Digital - known for their quality for
 decades in this business and delivering superior warranty
 service where circumstances require - great folks indeed! many thanks! (by the way, we purchased them all at "Best Buy" locations in and around the Toronto area!)
Cheap homephone service alternative from "magicjack" 
 ONLY $5/mo Here includes North american long
 distance  and great voicemail, call  display with email
 forwarding  of voicemessage received(requires compatible high  speed internet). Connection
 quality varies at times. We prefer to use magicjack for
 voicemail forwarding and Bell for fixed landline quality.

 Get in on
the ipod

music and video
to take along anywhere you go


IBM PS2 Personal computer offering
The Computer Company which launched an Industry with its early offerings of the "open architecture" styled Personal Computer was Boca Raton based IBM Company with products designed, engineered and built in the USA in Boca Raton with the best talent available, and the most professional Sales force catering to the markets here in best fashion. We need this Industry to be based in America and Europe once more, rather than being farmed out to China as it is at present, costing us control over our own markets and global power positioning in general in this regard.


the innovative original Apple Mac computer

The DEC rainbow is a yet another
greatest example of American know
-how in producing the best in world
class quality  in years past.