"Quebec is beautiful!"

When coming to Canada, the very best place really really worth a visit is beautiful Montreal and Quebec City. Its an inexpensive way  to see lovely Europeans right on this continent!

 Trade between the US and Quebec linked to European Union would
benefit all of mankind that we represent! Quebec is the most natural
bridge opportunity for the Americans to exploit in  increased friendly
 trade of the most satisfying payoffs.

   Montreal is famous for lively and spirited
   cafe life and activity!


Visit lovely Quebec for real beauty

Otherwise why not head for the continent! (Europe that  is)
 Germans and French along with Italy  and Spain are among the nicest people in the world and the very
 very best to stay and do business with across the board! Lovely lovely genuinely civilized Christianly folk!
Michael Rizzo  has requested a "Diplomatique" EU member passport the very next time a private passport 
lottery is held!

French cuisine has no equal in the 
entire world! Best to have it served
by the French where you will  find them 
most, in the autonomous Euro France 
territory of Quebec! The French are great 
hearted and this shows in their loving 
creations. Treat them well - "or else" 
says Chessman! after all, without the French
spirit, the world would be a lousy place to exist
in - not worth living with what else there would
be without "The Irish spirited folks that include 
French", says Michael Rizzo

French Cheese is tops and the most greatly




The greatest people and quality of France!
Premier Lucien Bouchard

Suggest Quebec explore the possibility of
France investing in a Peugeot plant here.
Peugeot has a great reputation of building
fine cars in Europe! Why not North America?
in addition? Build them in Quebec we say.
We could sell these cars on both continents
right! from here! (North and South America etc).

Michael Rizzo Chessman grew up with a Peugeot 404
in the family for most of his formative years. 
A beauty!" he says!
Owning a Peugeot gives you a connection to the
great history and culture of the people of
Europe and France in particular. Its hard to
put a price on this quality in its contribution
to your enjoyment of life and personal edification
therein. ("joie de vivre"). Chessman is predicting
the complete cessation of the production of North
American styled cars in favour of European models.
Billions of dollars in Peugeot production will begin
in Quebec soon, he says and it is really the best
place you'd want to build - with these great people